The Age of Mass Development

The Age of Mass Development

(An excerpt from TCA Delegate and Empower Lesson)

The humble ant is one of God’s most amazing creatures. These tiny insects can lift more than ten times their body weight, and transport it through long, tunnels of their own design. This is the equivalent of an average person picking up a subcompact car and carrying it more than three miles underground.

Yet for all its individual strength, what makes these small-brained insects so successful is their ability to Delegate workloads within a complex society. A single colony can number in the millions, and every ant is assigned a specific task. Some are soldiers, others are diggers and foragers. A few raise herds of aphids in the same way humans tend cattle. Certain ants are farmers, growing crops of fungus for the colony to eat. Jobs also include babysitters, queen attendants and scouts. Although they communicate solely by scent, ants Delegate responsibility so well, a colony of millions behaves like a single-minded organism.

For God to design this degree of interactive complexity into such simple creatures, surely Delegating responsibility is part of His plan. As our world becomes ever more confounding and elaborate, delineating roles can make our lives and businesses, perform with streamlined efficiency.

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