How will TCA benefit me?
TCA will help you to include God (your Christian faith) into each decision you make resulting in confidence and peace both personally and professionally. TCA will also affirm you as you boldly live out your faith for the glory of God. TCA will challenge you to grow and become increasingly strategic in living your life for Christ.
How will TCA benefit my company?
TCA will affirm the financial viability of your business or organization, help you look further ahead into the future and plan for succession. TCA can also help lower turnover and strengthen vendor and employee relationships. TCA helps organizations thrive through their challenges.
What will TCA demand from me?
Commitment to TCA depends on your needs and what you are willing and able to invest. Members engage in a TCA monthly meeting and at least 2 coaching sessions each year. TCA Business Coaching consists of 60-120 minute sessions. Each TCA group meets for either 3 or 5 hours per month. Executive Services are provided by request to assist companies with strategic planning, sales support and project management. Each participant’s financial investment is based on the services desired and size of their company. Discounts are available for qualifying businesses and organizations. Contact us for further pricing information.
I’m not ready to make a commitment – what is available for me?
Come visit a TCA group as a guest! Each TCA group meeting provides a great taste of the valuable material and relationships within TCA. You are also invited to meet with a business coach and experience the value of this resource (you determine the price for the initial coaching meeting).
Does God want me to be successful?
Most definitely! The bigger question is, are you pursuing Godly success? Are you using your God giftedness in ways that bring the most glory to God? Are you leveraging your relationship to minister for Christ? We need to be sure we don’t check our faith in Christ at the door of our businesses. The ministry opportunities in business are 10 fold what they are within the body of the church.
What do you mean – integrate my faith in and through my business?
Much of society and many churches preach separation of church and state. This leads to separation of faith and business and as a result many people are living compartmentalized lives. Many hold that employment with a faith based organization or church is a more noble call than working at a job in the secular industry or in government. TCA believes in full integration of your Christian faith in every aspect of life, including every business decision made. TCA helps business leaders to do just that. TCA believes there are more ministry opportunities within business than within the church and other non-profit organizations. TCA helps business leaders leverage their business relationships for ministry which will pay huge returns now and into eternity.
Is this group just for men?
TCA is equally designed for all business professionals. Currently there are a few women involved. We look forward to starting a TCA group geared specifically for women in business.
How much is this going to cost me?
The biggest cost is your commitment to grow. If you are not interested in growing as a person and professionally, it will cost you a lot of frustration. It costs time and to benefit you need to be willing to protect your schedule and be sure to “put the big rocks in first.” TCA needs to be considered one of your bigger rocks. Financially, TCA is committed to be affordable to those with proper conviction and those willing to make application of the counsel they are provided. The cost starts at $175 / month for a commitment to regular participation (including business coaching and TCA monthly meetings). Discounts are available for qualifying non-profit organizations and businesses. Costs vary according to company size.
Shouldn’t religion stay separate from work?
If Jesus is Lord of our life, He is Lord 24/7. There is no area of life; there is no time of day that should not be impacted by the Lordship of Christ. The separation of religion and work has crept into society over the past 200 years. When America was founded, there was full integration of faith (religion) and work. The Pilgrims considered work on an even par with being a preacher. All of the early universities in America were founded as seminaries to train up youth into a Biblical worldview so they would be prepared for whatever career they were to pursue. As the comforts of life have taken over, living for the honor and glory of God (the One True and Living God), people began to discount the role faith had in guiding their every decision. This has led to a separation in many people’s mind, but that is not how Christ wants us to live.