What Is Tca?

The Christian Advantage – Serving Christ in the marketplace since 2005

The Christian Advantage (TCA) helps business leaders apply their personal Christian faith in and throughout business for the glory of God. Furthermore, it is the goal of TCA to provide the resources and relationships needed to enable Christian owners and leaders to be great stewards of the business or organization God has entrusted to them.

The Christian Advantage provides continuing education, peer counsel and accountability for business leaders to assist them in growing and maintaining viable, sustainable and profitable businesses. As a result, TCA helps business leaders apply their personal Christian faith in and through their business for the glory of God by providing monthly meetings, coaching services and seminars.

TCA teaches and reinforces solid Biblical based business principles to provide a firm foundation for profitable and sustaining operations. This enables owners and managers to initiate Christian ministry within the business God has entrusted to their stewardship. Because TCA brings business and faith together, leaders cannot think of one without of thinking of the other.

TCA is for those business professionals who:

  • Love to grow, while glorifying the Lord
  • Are serious about doing business that is profitable, especially for God
  • Desire to impact their community with eternity in mind
  • Long to be bold for Christ, so they can live and bring the Gospel to all
  • Desire to further their faith in and through the business God has entrusted to their care

TCA provides practical guidance in:

  • What it means and how to be Spirit-led
  • How to do business by the Book (Bible)
  • God’s solutions to your problems
  • How to have total security in Jesus Christ
  • The difference in predicting the future based on experiences (head knowledge and education) verses the Holy Spirit (who knows the future and is best for decision making)
  • How to build true wealth, so it can be used for kingdom work

TCA's Vision

The Christian Advantage

The Christian Advantage impacts the marketplace, because we provide a safe place for Christian business leaders to “think out loud.” TCA challenges Christian leaders to be more intentional in leading others to live to serve God, because this is how we glorify God in the marketplace.

Biblical Foundations

TCA teaches biblical principles to

  • manage finances with integrity
  • evaluate risk with a sounding board
  • prioritize time and commitments
  • foster relationships

Equip Leaders with Truth

TCA equips leaders with biblical knowledge, professional resources and practical skills to reach co-workers, vendors, and customers with the love of Christ.

Biblical Foundations

Ripples impacting eternity for the glory of God are initiated when leaders are taught biblical principles, and equipped to carry these truths with them daily.
Through decision making, priorities and business strategies, leaders are able to influence those around them and share the hope of Christ, the source of all success. The advantage to being a Christian in business is the opportunity to lead as Christ, by showing our weakness and highlighting God’s strengths.


Attending one of our TCA Informational Meetings provides a great introduction to the benefits of TCA and all we have to offer.