Branding requires a strategic focus to maximize benefit and minimize cost.

Up until the last century, most people associated the term branding with cowboys and the wild west. Nowadays, branding is all about corporations and wild markets. Instead of focusing on a specific product or service, branding transforms a company’s name or corporate image into its primary selling point. By selling reputation and goodwill, it offers a proven way to make a company stand out in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace. You don’t have to sell each individual item as vigorously, since customers are already predisposed to buy something you are selling. Every marketing dollar invested is therefore multiplied over the entire product line. The goal is to make the brand itself a feature that customers desire and are willing to pay more for…regardless of the benefits or disadvantages in your product line. “There is no advertisement as powerful as a positive reputation traveling fast.” – Brian Koslow (Author, Business Consultant)

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