Vision & Mission

TCA | Discipling Christian leaders to initiate ripples across the world for God’s glory.


The Christian Advantage impacts the marketplace by providing a safe place to “think out loud”. TCA challenges Christian leaders to be more intentional in leading others to live to serve God.

Teach Biblical Foundations

TCA teaches biblical principles in order to manage finances with integrity, evaluate risk with a sounding board, prioritize time and commitments, and foster relationships at work and most importantly at home.

Equip Leaders with Truth

When pursuing Godly success, faith and business must be completely integrated. TCA equips leaders with biblical knowledge, professional resources and practical skills to reach co-workers, vendors and customers with the love of Christ.

Initiate Ripples across the World

Ripples impacting eternity for the glory of God are initiated when leaders are taught biblical principles and equipped to carry these truths with them daily.

Through decision making, priorities and business strategies leaders are able to influence those around them and share the hope of Christ that is the source of all success. The advantage to being a Christian in business is the opportunity to lead as Christ, by showing our weakness and highlighting God’s strengths.