Mary Stebbins

“Through TCA I have learned that I must submit to God because of all I have been blessed with and because of the business that has been entrusted to me. I have been challenged to see this more clearly through the guidance of other Christian business leaders and I better understand that the more responsible I am at advancing my business, the more I am able to advance God’s Kingdom.”

Robert Heinz; Executive Vice President & Owner
“Making TCA a priority has definitely helped move me to a new level this year. The 5 hour sessions challenge and provide mutual encouragement that are the basis of TCA are irreplaceable. That one-day investment once a month brings a focus and alignment both professionally and personally I haven’t found elsewhere.  I’ve also found real value in the one-to-one coaching sessions.  Finding Christian counsel and real accountability in a long-term relationship is difficult for business leaders to find.  I believe I’ve found it in TCA.”

Mitch Barnes; Financial Advisor
“The Word of God is so relevant to business. Planning, employees, compensation, conflict resolution… it is all in there. I feel fortunate to attend TCA each month.”

Mark Franco; President & CEO

Mixer Direct, Inc

TCA operates like a board of advisers, augmenting the weak points all of us have in our skill sets. Sometimes I will be working on too many projects at one time, making me ineffective at completing any of them. TCA helps me reduce them to the ones that are closest to God’s gifting and leading.”