Ten Forms of Blessings

(An excerpt from TCA’s lesson, “Blessings”)

TCA offers the following Ten Forms of Blessings for you to consider sharing with others.

1. Financial Blessings – Tithing and regular charitable support are worthy goals.  However, Blessings are more often spontaneous and personal. There may be times when people have no idea where their next dollar will come from. In these moments, even a small donation can seem like a lifesaver in an ocean of hopelessness. TCA SUGGEST: Sudden Bonuses, Anonymous Gifts, Unexpected Tuition Assistance; Funding of Special Projects, Start-ups or Individual Career Goals.
2. Blessings of Encouragement – Words can be more powerful than we realize or admit. We all have an innate need for affirmation. A gentle tone of voice during a time of crisis or confusion can be worth more than gold. Give to others a vision of the future and the confidence they can achieve it. TCA SUGGEST: Frequent Words of Support, Positive Affirmations, Unsolicited Expressions of Faith in Another’s Dreams.
3. Blessings of Time – Even more precious than money is the gift of our time. People are more willing to write a check than become actively involved in the people or organizations they support. Sharing a few moments can build a strong foundation for lasting relationships. TCA SUGGEST: Take Time to Listen to Another, Schedule Appointments or Uninterrupted Telephone Time, Prioritize Family Time.
4. Blessings of Mentorship – Throughout our lives, we have been guided and advised by a variety of people. Whether we realize it or not, these Blessings have helped make us who we are, and determined our life’s path. Being an active mentor is a personal commitment to the spiritual or career success of another. As Christ mentored the world, we should make our knowledge available to help others. TCA SUGGEST: Mentor Employees, Those Starting New Businesses, Students at a Nearby School, Be a Foster Parent, Volunteer for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Junior Achievement, Trail Life USA, American Heritage Girls or similar organizations.
5. Blessings of Opportunity – Giving a person a chance to prove themselves, is a lifelong gift. It can build character and develop skills in those we Bless, often with little involvement on our part. It allows them to Bless themselves through hard work and personal growth. TCA SUGGEST: Employee Training and Advancement, Promote From Within, Create an Internship Program, Provide Scholarships, Allow Your Children the Freedom to Grow and Develop Their Own Abilities.
6. Blessings of Service – Jesus said, “Whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me.” Have you taken the time to help the less fortunate with your actions, as well as your wallet? TCA SUGGEST: Organize Company Service Days for a Specific Charity, Devote One Day Per Year to Helping A Homeless Shelter, Habitat For Humanity or a Children’s or Senior Home.
7. Blessings of Recognition – We all need and desire affirmation for our efforts. Singling out those who have demonstrated unique skills, exceptional customer service, proven loyalty or innovative ideas will assure others, you value their contribution to your company or your personal life. TCA SUGGEST: Preferred Vendor Awards, Companywide “Character First” Employee Recognition, Sending out Notes & Cards to Mark Special Occasions.
8. Blessings of Forgiveness – The Lord’s Prayer asks that God ‘forgive our trespasses, even as we forgive those who trespass against us.’ But do we always keep our end of the bargain? The years fly by too swiftly to chew up your days with bitterness and retribution. TCA SUGGEST: Put The Past Behind You, Forgive an old Grudge, Make Peace with your Family.
9. Blessings of Intervention – It is far too easy to sit back and shake one’s head, as a fellow human spirals into the abyss. Christianity teaches us that we must share the burdens of others. No matter how uncomfortable, take a stand out of love. Do not permit a friend or family member to fall away without a strong warning or helping hand. Your expression of love and concern may tip the balance to a new life for a wounded soul. TCA SUGGEST: Form Accountability Groups, Offer Counseling for Spiritual and Emotional Needs. Let those you care about know that Gambling, Addiction, Infidelity, Theft and Pornography will not be tolerated in your workplace.
10. Blessings of Peace – Our world runs to an ever-faster clock. Too many people spend so much of their lives trying to catch up, they miss the Blessings of the day around them. ‘Peace be with you’ is more than an often repeated greeting. It is a Blessing from a loving God. TCA SUGGEST: Do not Overwork Your Employees, Take Vacation Time with Your Family, Encourage Relaxation on the Sabbath.

Remember, Blessings are not taxis, which stop directly at your door. They are more like trains or busses, with many stops along the way to benefit the greatest number of people. Let us be conductors of God’s people, and help transport them to His kingdom for the salvation of all.

All these Blessings will come upon you and accompany you if you obey the LORD your God:” – Deuteronomy 28:2 (NIV)

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