TCA Groups – A Membership Benefit

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There are multiple business fellowship groups available to provide the best fit for you and your business. Before placement in one of our groups, the size of your company is considered as well as your leadership role.  Therefore, we provide you with the best relationships and guidance in a peer group that is best for you. Lunch is provided at all TCA group meetings.  Learn more about the benefits of a TCA Membership at the next TCA Information Meeting.

Our members often form lasting bonds and mentor relationships within their peer group.  We provide round table discussion time, so your peers help keep you accountable and give you a safe place to think out loud and receive valuable feedback.  Groups dive into our monthly studies together, therefore they enjoy classroom style learning of biblically based business topics.

We invite you to contact Bruce at 502-419-8248 or to learn more.

Monthly TCA Group Meetings

  • Large Company Group
  • Mid-sized Company Group
  • Small Company Group
  • Key Leaders & Make-Up Group
  • Independent Groups