There are so many ways to impart information. Charts, statistics, resumes, fact sheets, definitions, illustrations, videos, websites and more. Yet throughout time, the most effective way to communicate is through the simple art of Storytelling.

By adapting what needs to be conveyed, into a format where we come to identify with one another and are absorbed in the lesson, we become enlightened by the Story, often without realizing it. And the lesson stays with us, a subtle byproduct of the emotional connection created in the Story.

Jesus and the Gospel writers understood that framing an important message in the form of a Story allows us to emotionally invest in the tale, and leave us with multiple connections to the data, through both head and heart. Stories touch us. The message lingers. The details are absorbed. In short, Stories stay with us and beg to be spread to others we know and love.

The art of Storytelling is a critical tool on our leadership workbench, a way of fashioning our message, so that everyone is on the same page and motivated to follow our vision. Whether we are relating the vision of our companies’ future or history of the past, we are building a more attentive and dedicated team when we make others a part of our Story.

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