Recommended Websites


National Christian Foundation Kentucky | Case studies and other resources for businessmen and women

Go To Meeting | Easy web conferencing and online meeting tools

Survey Monkey | Conduct, manage and analyze research that drive business forward

Legal Zoom | Online source for reliable legal documents from your home or office

Annual Credit Report | Request a free annual credit report. Quick, easy & secure.


Raw For 30 Days | Diet and health based on raw food consumption

Hallelujah Acres | Diet and health initiatives according to Genesis 1:29d

Echo | Helping you to pray for your coworkers, friends, family, church, and country and thank God continually


Go Outside | Helping Everyday People and Hesitant Starters ‘GET UP and GET GOING’ in their God given calling.

Vision Forum | Historical costumes, heirloom treasures to share with daughters, adventure tools to inspire your sons, and classic Christian books to help you build libraries of substance for your whole family