Truth – Lesson for Group Study


Learn how we cannot change TRUTH, but TRUTH can change us.



A battalion of ants invading a picnic, experience food without understanding the Truth of its origin. Climbing over the utensils will not bring awareness of the plastic factory that made the forks, the artisan’s craft in weaving a basket, or the complex history of the paper plate. The moist sweetness of the watermelon will not give the insects a sense of the farmer’s efforts needed to grow fruit. The fried drumstick will not help them understand the life of a chicken. Overwhelmed by their senses and limited capacity, ants do not see the big picture of how the picnic came to be. They do not even understand there is a bigger picture beyond their comprehension. Their entire experience is limited to “Taste. Now.”

So it is with mankind. We see a universe of infinite majesty and staggering complexity. Forces beyond our comprehension propel objects too enormous to conceive. Each and every day, amazing and complex events occur right before our eyes without our paying any attention to them. Yet, we somehow see ourselves as the pinnacle of creation, and assume we have the capacity to understand the origin of it all. In Truth, we are only nibbling at facts, carrying away crumbs of knowledge, without ever seeing the big picture…the awesome Truth that this bounty of Creation could not have sprung up in our path by accident. The Truth, that all life was fashioned by a Loving and Powerful God, specifically for His children to enjoy and prepare them to praise Him forever.

This divine Truth is not dependent on us choosing to recognize or accept it.

“Pilate said to Him (Jesus) , “What is truth?”’   – John 18:38 NKJ

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