Storytelling – Lesson for Group Study


Learn how Storytelling connects us to people, and how to use them wisely.



‘Telling a Story’ and ‘having a Story to tell’ are two very different things. Each of us has numerous Stories inside us, dealing with our families, our work experiences, our past, our future and how we plan to get there. Taking all this information and carefully crafting it into a tale that pulls our audience in, requires a unique blend of logical thinking and communication skills. It is no coincidence that the best leaders are often expert Storytellers. Abe Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan were often praised for their ability to craft their vision into a narrative form that would charm their listeners, so that even those who disagreed with them, couldn’t help but laugh along and grudgingly admire their gift of gab and ease in front of an audience.

So how do we unlock our innate gift of Storytelling?

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