Intellectual Property- Lesson for Group Study


This study discusses how to handle Intellectual Property as a gift from God.



In the not too distant past, success was judged by the herds of sheep or oxen you owned, the amount of land you held title to, the number of workers toiling under your command, or the luxury and expanse of your estates. Wealth was measured only in tangible goods. From these holdings, fortunes were made.

Even with changing markets, hard assets remain the most common means of accumulating riches. Yet, recent business trends highlight a historic shift in wealth strategy. Many of today’s wealthiest accumulated their thousands of millions not by amassing items, but by developing ideas. Not by building empires, but by thinking constructively. Not through ownership, but through inspiration.

Although true creativity has always been valued by civilized societies, widespread access to new technologies, mass communication and mass marketing, along with enhanced layers of legal protection, has spawned the Golden Age of Intellectual Property.

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