Authority- Lesson for Group Study


With all of the life disrupting restrictions being suddenly put in place by the government, TCA is providing our March lesson on Authority for free to help bring God’s peace to this life altering season.

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TCA recognizes this is a time when many are unable to attend their regular Bible study groups, and we want to offer you material to start your own small group, family, or online conferencing study.  TCA wants to empower you to continue studying the LORD’s Word for practical use in your business and personal life.

This study explores how leadership starts with respecting & coming under GOD’S AUTHORITY.



From the Biblical world view, we need to acknowledge, God is the ultimate authority of everything on earth and in life. This perspective will help us acknowledge, God’s ways are not our ways. And in fact, His ways are far above our ways.

It becomes easier and easier to tame and minimize the chaos in our businesses (and personal lives) as we recognize and submit to God’s Authority for guidance in every decision we make.

As we submit to God’s Authority in every area of our lives we learn the basis of morality and ethics. With a clear basis for morality and ethics we can experience an increase of peace in our lives as we:

      • Think of others more than ourselves.
      • Seek to be a leader who serves their direct reports.
      • Are honest in every detail of life.
      • Protect the property of others (do not steal).
      • Practice contentment (do not covet).
      • Etc.

Before we can exercise authority over others responsibly, we must come under God’s Authority to direct our thinking, to give purpose to our decisions.

This is a significant Christian Advantage in business and in life: to make decisions aligning with the Creator of the universe, the One who spoke the world into existence.

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