Advertising – Lesson for Group Study


This study discusses how Advertising should honor God in both the obvious and subtle messages.  This lesson presents important thoughts for consideration before placing your next ad, as well as in review of any currently running advertisements.



It is estimated the average American sees thousands of Advertisements each day without realizing the mind-numbing level of commercial saturation. Drive down any city street and notice how every store has a brightly colored sign, every window offers a separate poster or graphic. The science of packaging has turned each product, carton, bottle and container into its own boisterous piece of Advertising – strategically designed so the product continues to pitch to us even after we purchase

Why is Advertising so prevalent? Because it works. We often buy one competitor’s product over another for no other reason than Advertising. Customers will consistently lean toward costly name brands, even when the generic is an identical product from the same manufacturer. One of the reasons Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are global leaders in their respective industries, is because each maintains an annual Advertising budget in the billions of dollars.

Yet what exactly is Advertising? And how does it differ from another common term – Marketing?  Join us to explore these questions and more.

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