Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor of The Courier Journal April 29, 2020          by Bruce Zoeller, TCA Founder
Christian Business Disruption Covid-19

“Too often we believe others think as we think, or at least should think and reason as we do.  We fail to take into account how we arrived at convictions and beliefs guiding our decisions and life choices.

In times of crises it’s important to make quick decisions. It’s also critical decisions are based on truth and reality. Division often occurs when people have different convictions and beliefs, influencing what they believe is true.

Too often people believe decisions are choosing between one of two options (either/or). Better outcomes are typically arrived at when we seek “AND” solutions, accomplishing multiple goals at the same time.

In our current Covid-19 crises, reporting has focused on minimizing sickness and death (which is very appropriate). Yet the unintended consequences of decisions being made are not being considered nor published. Many facts are being suppressed in support of actions being dictated by those in charge.

I challenge the Courier Journal to publish the article at https://coronavirustruths.godaddysites.com/ in its entirety to present another side of the current crises. It is time for society to have a full conversation on the best way to handle this current crises, or exactly what the real crises is.”

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