As leaders, we must understand the finances of the business that God has entrusted to our stewardship. We need to understand what it takes to make a profit and the risks involved in financial investments. To ignore the financial status of the company is simply put – irresponsible.

We need to understand that God blesses people to bless others. If we forget that we are a simple conduit of blessings, we will miss much of the joy God has reserved for us. If we become consumers in this life verses servants of the Most High God, we are likely to see a reduction of the blessings with which we are entrusted. Everything we have is a gift from God for us to use for His glory and praise. Life is much more enjoyable when we hold loosely the gifts He has entrusted to us and acknowledge it is all His anyway.

At times God will instruct us to accumulate assets. At times God will instruct us to release assets to be part of something He is doing. Let us build accountability into our lives to help ensure that our focus will not be consumed by financial results, lest we lose perspective and money becomes god. While we need to pay attention to our dollars, let us guard against them dominating our lives.


Whether we recognize it or not, debt is always accompanied by risk. The more debt we carry, the more vulnerable we are to the regular up and down cycles of the economy.

While debt is not always sin, it is a snare. Like sin, unnecessary debt is seemingly harmless and pleasurable when we first indulge, until the consequences multiply so rapidly that we become burdened with regret, resentment and the temptation to flee from our responsibilities. As Christian business leaders, we must never forget our lifelong debt to the One who saved us. Let us increasingly live with eternity in mind.

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