Protecting the families of employees, customers, vendors, associates, etc., starts with protecting our own families. We need to lead by example to demonstrate clearly that families are more important than business. Ensuring the business will be around tomorrow is vital for you to have a positive impact on the families of your employees. You need to have policies in place to protect the families of your employees. Marriage enrichment seminars, Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace” training and parenting classes are likely to provide a much larger impact on a family than expanded health care coverage.

FamilyWebsiteWe each need to do our part to protect families. When we do so as a company, great employees will be attracted to our firms who will enhance a Godly culture within the business. That culture will be a bright light and make it easier to initiate ripples for God’s glory in all that we do.

Reward your children for hard work and diligent study habits!

Many businesses in the Louisville area reward students for good grades including Krispy Kreme Donuts, Blockbuster, Greaters Ice Cream and many more. Take your kids out and reward them for a job well done!

Helpful Family Resources

Summer Camps…Family Style (Christian Business Men’s Connection)

Take your family to memory-making, faith-filled adventure this summer at one of six different CBMC campuses. Experience Bible teaching, inspirational keynote addresses, breathtaking scenery, and unlimited activities for the entire family. To find out more about all six of the CBMC Summer Camp experiences go to OR watch their camp video at

Marriage Restoration Intensive

No matter what state your marriage is in, the intensive sessions provided by The Smalley Marriage Intensive Program will make a profound impact on your marriage. Couples who are stressed will learn why they are stressed and actually be able to significantly increase their marital satisfaction through learning practical and applicable relationship skills like conflict resolution, communication, forgiveness, and more!

For more information on this resource, visit:

Love & Respect | Answers to the secret that cracks the communication code. Love and Respect

Growing Families God’s Way | Training Children with a LIFE message.

Focus on the Family | Helping families thrive. Focus on the Family

Family Life | Hope for today. Hope for tomorrow. Family Life

Family Matters | Building grace-based relationships. Family Matters

National Institute of Marriage | Home of the life changing Intensive Marriage Counseling Programs. National Institute of Marriage

National Center for Biblical Parenting | Providing Biblical and practical strategies for parents

KD Guest Ranch / Marriage Retreat | Bringing the West to the East

When Sinners Say I Do | A seminar by Dave Harvey about how discovering the power of the gospel within marriage

Smalley Marriage Resources | Books, seminars, and thousands of articles to enrich and restore your marriage

Family Movies

Courageous | A movie about true courageous fathers