Faith & Business

Integrating your faith into your business or place of work can be easier than you think. By using simple ideas or taking advantage of open doors you will be able to share with your employees, coworkers, and customers the hope that is only found in Christ. Check back here often and visit the other pages here on the TCA website for helpful ideas and suggestions.


  • Write letters to your employees, colleagues, or customers. A letter can be a great tool for both expressing what is on your heart and for sharing the gospel.
  • Be intentional about giving and communicating about gifts or bonuses – connect them to the greatest gift you have ever received
  • If you use background music, use Christian music.
  • Take advantage of parties and business events. Use this time to share what God is doing in your own life and also in the life of the business.
  • Engage your company and employees to volunteer or help others in need. This would be a great way to open their hearts to others while also giving you many opportunities to share your faith.
Used with Permission FCCI, Doug Hunter

Team Expansion

Training Center | Click Here to View more Information
  • This training center serves as an outdoor classroom, where team building can foster a positive change.
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  • In order to understand your team as a whole you first have to understand the individual elements: your people!