Executive Services

TCA offers a variety of Executive Services in order to better equip companies to impact their business or organization for the glory of God. These services will enhance a business’s ability to function under a Biblical worldview and provide wisdom and perspective outside of their current workforce.

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Board of Advisors

A Board of Advisors is a small group of business professionals who meet regularly to offer counsel, direction and perspective to a company. These advisors do not have any ownership interest in the company nor do they bear legal responsibility for the company’s actions. Each member of the Board of Advisors provides expertise outside of the existing management and works with the owners to insure profitability and viability in the company.

TCA utilizes a vast network of business professionals to provide Boards of Advisors to companies in the Louisville Metro area. Each advisor is carefully selected by TCA based on their business experience, education and how they will benefit the company. This service provides a sounding board on critical issues, helps owners and company leaders make wise decisions and ensure profitability from a Biblical worldview, and seeks to glorify God in every decision made. Each meeting will focus on the company’s current business needs which could include personnel, management, operations, sales, marketing, company reports, etc.

No one is an expert in everything – TCA’s Board of Advisors is designed to fill in the missing expertise in your business.

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Strategic Planning

A Strategic Plan determines where a company is headed and how it is going to get there. This plan will evaluate the status of a company’s goals and whether the intended destination is a worthwhile endeavor. A Strategic Plan starts with a focus on the company at large and includes an understanding of key products and services as they help the company achieve their goals. Recommendations are presented for business improvements and expansions in ministry when appropriate. As companies grow and change, Strategic Planning is imperative for business profitability to effectively communicate the mission of the company and mobilizes employees with personal responsibility and validation.

TCA Strategic Planning helps provide your employees with direction and action. In order to achieve this, TCA will interview the executive team and key leadership to determine the company’s short and long term needs and direction. This information will be collected, analyzed and presented for discussion and feedback. Once the Strategic Plan has been determined, including goals and action items, management will be prepared to communicate the plan to their staff so that the staff clearly understands their role and responsibilities. If your business has encountered a plateau or is experiencing lack of direction – utilize a TCA Strategic Plan to clarify your company’s future.

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Succession Planning

A Succession Plan serves to prepare a company for future changes in leadership. Succession Plans could detail the process of a merger/sale or they could identify and develop internal employees with potential to step into leadership positions in the future. A company benefits from engaging and growing their best talent. Succession planning ensures the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume leadership roles whenever needed. Helping talent grow into leadership takes time, and succession planning will direct and foster this growth.

TCA Succession Plans provide business owners and shareholders an outline for transitions in leadership and bring an understanding to many opportunities and challenges involved. Whether ownership of the company will be passed to a relative or the company will be sold to a competitor, TCA will help develop the plans for this transition and effectively prepare the staff for this change. In order to train current employees or descendents to undertake key roles and pin point the expectations and values of each, TCA facilitates open conversation between current leadership and developing leaders and lays the ground work for effective communication that is necessary to make decisions without negatively affecting the company. A TCA Succession Plan will provide leadership a plan into retirement and provide current employees the training and understanding to grow into being the next generation of leaders.

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360 Review

A 360 Review is a personal and professional assessment of leadership both at home and in the workplace. As Christians in business striving to integrate faith into every aspect of life, it is imperative to regularly evaluate our positions. TCA will collect input from 10-15 individuals in your wide circle of connections in order to assess your leadership and effectiveness in many areas of life. This feedback will include family, friends, employees, supervisors and peers. After this research is conducted, TCA will prepare a report and discuss it with you. Included will be several recommendations on how you can grow and challenge yourself to become a more Christ-like leader. A TCA 360 Review will improve your ability to fulfill your priorities at home, your effectiveness at work, and your ministry in all areas of life.

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