Career Connect

Serving Louisville’s Youth through Mentoring Internships

The goal of Career Connect is to match youth (ages 16-21) facing multiple barriers such as a lack of family support or positive role models, with caring supervisors in businesses that can provide mentoring internship positions and focus on maturing their personal and work life. This is a paid work internship lasting for at least two months.

What is provided for participating businesses?

  • Mentoring workshops to help the employer / supervisor better understand and deal withbarriers the youth face everyday
  • Identification of qualified youth through an application and interview process
  • Matching process of youth with an appropriate internship position
  • Foundational work-readiness training for the youth
  • Y.O.U. contact for the supervisor and youth during the internship

What do the participating businesses provide?

  • Paid internships with a definition of hours, duties, and terms of employment
  • Oversight and personal relationship in addition to occupational training
  • Feedback to Y.O.U. and Louisville Orphan Care Initiative