Business by the Book


Business by the Book is a one-day workshop that will challenge you personally and professionally. This workshop has been a powerful and helpful tool for hundreds of Christian CEO’s and business owners across America. Through Business by the Book you will gain vision and tools to implement Christian business principles into the management and growth of your company.

Business by the Book is for those excited about integrating their Christian faith in their business. The materials give insight into having peace in the financial decisions of business and understanding God’s perspective on business issues. Weather your business is flourishing or you are “burned out” and lacking significance, Business by the Book is an investment that cannot be passed!

Topics include:

  • Having Purpose in Business
  • The Importance of Servant Based Leadership
  • Making Good Financial Decisions
  • Finding and Effectively Managing Employees and Staff
  • The Role of Organization and Marketing
  • Business Planning

Host a Business by the Book Workshop

TCA would love to partner with you and bring Business by the Book to your local church or business.

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