Bruce Zoeller’s Keynote Speech

Bruce Zoeller’s Keynote at the 2020 Business & Ministry Conference

Be the 3% Now that you’ve watched the video and heard Bruce Zoeller’s keynote and call to action, we ask that you take the pledge. So, if Bruce Zoeller has convicted you, join us. Most importantly, be part of the three percent! #BeThe3

Bruce Zoeller asks you to Take the Pledge!

WHERAS the BIBLE is God’s word, the foundation of all TRUTH 

WHERAS God is the same yesterday, today & tomorrow 

WHERAS God is all-powerful, all-knowing, … 

WHERAS God’s ways are far beyond man’s ways 

WHERAS Jesus is THE Way, THE Truth, THE Life 

WHERAS God sent His one only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to earth to die for our sins 

WHERAS God is the creator of all things, the author and finisher of life 

WHERAS God created me uniquely and prepared me for a purposeful life 

WHERAS God has given each of us a free will 

WHERAS one day I will give an account for how I lived on earth 

WHERAS I believe 3% of a group, sold out to these living truths will change the culture in a generation 

THERFORE I commit to live a life of holiness in obedience to God’s commands 

THERFORE I commit to be the truest, boldest version of me, God has made me to be

THERFORE I commit to live unapologetically as a disciple of Christ in the workplace, without excuses, without fear

THERFORE I commit to look for opportunities to be a gospel patron

THERFORE I commit to live in the present, bringing eternity into today

So, you’ve listened to Bruce Zoeller’s Keynote.  You’ve taken the pledge. Thus, you are now part of the three percent!  Above all, it’s time to get connected with others.

Take the Next Step.  Attend an Information Meeting to learn how to get connected with The Christian Advantage. Just click here for more information.

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So, help Bruce Zoeller spread this movement.

In conclusion, we thank you for stepping up in God’s name.  You have taken a powerful step to advance God’s Kingdom.  So, tell others.  Firstly, send them a link to this blog. Secondly, ask them to hear the call to action and join you by taking the pledge. Thirdly, when you share the link, use the hashtag #BeThe3. Finally, stay committed.

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