February 9th Business and Ministry Conference

The Christian Advantage is a sponsor of this conference to ignite collaboration between businesses and ministries locally for everyone’s benefit. Join us February 9th as we grow together.

  • Do you struggle how to be involved in ministry for Christ and serve your Lord and Savior amidst fulfilling your responsibilities with your family and a regular job?
  • Does the busyness of your life keep you from learning of the special volunteer need God has prepared you to fill?
  • Are you challenged to protect enough time to take that trip to Haiti or Africa and serve in the mission field?

Ministries struggle with getting the word out about the volunteer opportunities within their organizations. Due to tight budgets they struggle to recruit individuals to assist with accounting, marketing, project management, and other operational tasks. There are many ways to serve ministries besides the front line volunteer, though they too are critical for the success of the vision.

Businesses are often challenged in providing cost effective learning opportunities for employees seeking to develop new skills or to test a passion they have. Good businesses have an interest in affirming the passions of their employees and supporting them in making a positive impact on their community.

Win/Win/Win occurs as companies encourage and support their employees being involved in these local ministry opportunities.

  • Ministries WIN as volunteers and financial capabilities enable them to fulfill the vision God gave them, to make a difference in the community.
  • Businesses WIN by providing their employees opportunities to pick up additional skills and help them be valued in greater ways. Companies also gain positive PR in the community.
  • Christ WINs as the gospel, the catalyst for transformation, is the unifying glue for everyone to work and grow together.


When: February 9th 8am-2pm (continental breakfast & lunch included)

Where: Louisville Central Community Center
1300 W Muhammad Ali Blvd
Louisville, KY 40203

Cost: $25 for Pastors
$49 for non-profit
$99 Business Leaders
Scholarships available

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